Long Island entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, wellness and fitness professionals, models, actors, agents, investors, business owners, and start-ups with a passion for technology, and a growth-mindset.

Not just another networking event.

PLATINUM is not a played out happy hour or party. PLATINUM hosts a variety of socials, and other activities throughout the year. Events offer more than just a buzz and business card, they are an expose of beautiful people; a think tank for greatness. Events are held at some of Long Island’s most upscale venues.


Passion is the singular trait that differentiates winners. Not only does it carry you through your successes, it also pulls you through the tough times. Even if you’re fighting an uphill battle, passion will keep you in love with what you do.  Fill your life with as many pleasures as you can. The life of engagement: where you find a life in your work, family, love and leisure — and the meaningful life: which consists of knowing what your highest strengths are, and using them in the service of something larger than you are.


When you have passion around something, you’ll do whatever it takes to execute on it. You’ll work and grind away until you’ve squeezed every last bit of juice out of that ‘lemon.’ When you’re truly in that hustle, you are maximizing every last bit of energy you have in order to produce. It iis putting every minute and all your effort into achieving the goal at hand. It’s what you signed up for, it’s what you love, and it’s what allows you to get the things done that you seek to accomplish.

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