Direct consulting, not a player listing service or database.

We teach you what you need to do from 5 years old through high school to get recruited to college.

If you are looking for a recruiting “database” or someone to do all the work, this program is not for you. On the other hand if you want to work directly with one of our Coaches, they will teach you “#TheBlueprintCSI” whereby you will learn exactly what you should be doing from a very young age to get recruited. Gone are the days where the most athletic kid played quarterback. Gone are the days where you sent in VHS tapes to college coaches in hopes that they would call or arrive at your doorstep with a scholarship offer. Gone are the secret bags of money brought to the top athletes in the country, as athletes are getting paid legally now through NIL.

College recruiting is a completely different landscape today. The sheer number of high school athletes wanting to play sports in college combined with the number of players in the transfer portal have made it more competitive than ever.

Is it too much for kids so young? Is it crazy? Over-the-top? Too competitive? Too intense? Absolutely. One hundred percent, and that’s why it’s not for everyone.

#TheBlueprintCSI is an educational program that teaches parents and players from a very young age everything they need to do to increase their chances of being recruited. During your 0ne-on-one meeting you will be taught exactly what you need to be doing at every stage of the journey, even as young as 5 years old. Topics include physical training, skills training, mental and character coaching, as well as personal branding and in-depth contact cultivating, social media activities, and recruiting tasks that you need to do.

Coach Benjamin J. Carey, President of Center Street interactive co-founded the Long Island Elite National Team Football Program. He is a torchbearer for the modern recruiting movement in youth football. His exhaustive efforts to raise the level of football have increased opportunities for young players, and has created an exciting new movement. After 10 years his program has produced a record number of players with Division I offers and/or commitments, many to Power 5 schools and even the distinguished SEC. In 2021 one of his 8th grader football players had received NINE division I full scholarship offers. In 2023 Carey was chosen as USA Select League Director of the year.